Increase in petrol rate

The petrol rate is expected to increase, during this festival season. For the majority of the Christmas and the New Year season, the petrol price will remain above 1.50 dollars per litre. This hike is due to the depreciation of the Australian dollars.


The low Australian dollar and the high gasoline price in Singapore are the main reason for this price inflation, during this festival season. This price is predicted to stay high till the end of the New Year. The Singapore gasoline prices have increased to 3 month high, in terms of Australian Dollar, which has affected the hike.

Save money on the Boxing Day

During this whole hike period, the lowest petrol rate can be sourced on Boxing Day. The most expensive gas price is seen in Darwin with 1.70 dollars per litre and the lowest is seen in Sydney with 1.47 dollars per litre. It is considered that about one or two cents will be added to the gas price, within 7 to 10 days. This inflation would continue all through the Christmas and the New Year season. The motorists are predicted to make use of the Boxing Day price to save a few cents, as the day will see the lowest price in the whole pricing cycle, for this season.


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